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Bishop Emeritus Teemu Sippo SCJ Returns to Finland

Bishop Emeritus Teemu Sippo SCJ has moved back to Finland. Last spring Bishop Sippo moved to Freiburg, the city in which he had studied long ago, on a trial basis. However, according to the Bishop, he did not find enough to do there, and thus made the decision to return to Finland. The Bishop has spent the past summer temporarily living in the Bishop’s residence until suitable housing is found.

Pope Appoints New Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith

Holy Father Announces Consistory for the Creation of 21 New Cardinals

The Pope’s Prayer Intentions for 2023


For World Youth Day
We pray the World Youth Day in Lisbon will help young people to live and witness the Gospel in their own lives.


For People Living on the Margins of Society
We pray for those persons living on the margins of society, in inhumane life conditions; may they not be overlooked by institutions and never considered of lesser importance.

Pope at Mass: Grandparents and Youth ‘Grow Together’ in Fruitful Exchange

About Burials and Against Division in Osnabrück

The Nordic Theological Study Week took place in Osnabrück in late June. The participants from Finland were Marko Pitkäniemi, Nikodemus Heikman and Marko Tervaportti. The topic this year was the Great Division in Church and in society. Altogether there were over 20 participants, which is fewer than before. Thus it is hoped that more German-speaking parishioners would choose to join the trip next year.

The participants visited the Columbarium of the Holy Family Church located nearby. (A Columbarium is a room or structure designed as a final resting place to house cremated remains of the dead.) Although cremation is now permitted by the Church, it does not enjoy the same value as burial of the body.

Bonifatiuswerk Publishes Annual Report

The German charitable organization has published its annual report for 2022. During the year, the aid distributed to the Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as certain diaspora areas of Germany, was greater than the year before by over 900 000 euros, the total amount of aid being ca. 11,8 million euros. Aid was given to 849 objects. According to Bonifatiuswerk its financial situation remains good.

The biggest objects receiving aid in Finland in the recent years have been different renovation projects in the parishes, as well as the acquisition of vehicles. Aid has also been given to e.g. the radio programme “Catholic Quarter” and camps for children and youth.

The Psalms: the Song of the Church

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