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COVID restrictions dismantled – time to return to Mass!

COVID restrictions dismantled – time to return to Mass!

Finland’s Catholic parishes have returned or are returning to normal life, as coronavirus and COVID restrictions are being dismantled. Once again, all the faithful are encouraged to attend Mass, there is holy water in our churches again and the distribution of Holy Communion is also returning to pre-COVID practices. Some limitations may be in force locally, primarily in the parishes in Helsinki.

Those of the faithful who cannot or do not yet want to return to church because of illness, other weighty reasons or grave concern are asked to continue to take part in Holy Mass online and to stay in touch with their parishes in other ways.

However, many of the practices that we have grown accustomed to during the pandemic may be useful in the future too, such as careful hand and coughing hygiene, keeping distance and using face masks.

Helsinki, 24 September, 2021

father Marco Pasinato
Diocesan Administrator

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