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Financial Situation in the Diocese

Financial Situation in the Diocese

We can be very glad that our Diocese is growing. However, this growth is hardly noticeable in our finances, on the contrary. Many new forms of service, e.g. work among the immigrants, require resources that are already scarce. Also in near future, big investments are needed in some of the parishes.

Each adult member of the Church should now see that he or she has a role and a responsibility in helping the local church financially. According to his or her ability, each adult member should pay a membership fee of 1.5 % of his income to his or her parish. This is best done through a regular, monthly bank transfer. Ultimately it comes to all of us to take care of our local church, our parish, and keep it running. If all Catholics would pay the membership fee due to them, our financial situation would soon be on a healthy basis.

It would also be good that the financial council of each parish would – together with the parish priest – participate more actively in the following and planning of the parish economy, especially now, when the budget for year 2019 is being prepared.

Peter Kuronen
Financial Director of the Diocese

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